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The new and amazing Vibrational Slimming Belt has everything you need! The revolutionary system which gives your muscles all the benefits of complete training… no sweat, no effort, just by doing nothing! Vibrational Slimming Belt is the combination of the pulse electronic technology and the principles of losing weight to infiltrate into the subcutaneous tissue of the body fat. Now, you can tone your muscles, burn fat, lose weight and inches and treat your cellulite, all with the same piece of equipment. VIBRATIONAL SLIMMING BELT is a wonder of science which works by electrically stimulating your muscles. All you have to do is to fix it on your waist.

  • Do you have problems losing those extra stones and inches?
  • Are you fed up with those unsightly spare tires?
  • And that horrific cellulite?

It has five different speed levels:

  • First speed level to relieve aching muscles in the same way as a massage.
  • Second speed level is a sculpting exercise program. It helps you lose FAT just as if you had done hundreds of abdominal exercises.
  • Third speed level is an intensive toning program. It develops the muscles you want to make look as though you trained with weights.
  • Fourth speed level is a general fitness program. It tones the body to look as though you trained in the gym.
  • Fifth speed level is an anti-cellulite program for thighs and bottoms. It destroys the tiny nodules of fat which cause cellulite more effectively than other treatments. It also helps to drain the destroyed cellulite leaving the skin smoother.

Through each speed level you can chose levels of different intensities depending on the physical exercise you wish. It can make the surplus fat move directly and pass through the muscles and skins to 4 - 7cm deep. At the same time the electronic pulse technology generate electronic pulse to stimulate the concerned point of the body which promote the blood circulation and speed up the movement of muscle.

Vibrational Slimming Belt is the most advanced slimming technology to trim the waist, tighten and lift muscles around the thighs and buttocks, tone lose muscles around the upper arms, tackle any area where muscles need to be tightened to tone up your complete figure!! Just a few minutes a day will trim the areas you wish to tighten and tone without losing shape on the areas that are already in great shape. Just pick the area you wish to trim, set the programmer and relax, it’s as simple as that.

Why dash off to the gym when you can exercise your muscles with ease in just a few minutes at home. Even wear the Vibrational slimming belt when you are working and achieve the same amazing figure trimming results.


  • It is strictly recommended that persons with cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes should not use this unit.
  • Do not let children approach the unit.
  • Please read the manual carefully before using the unit.


MegaMall is offering a marvelous incentive by offering an absolutely free “Noelle’s Powerhouse” to first 100 customers of Vibrational Slimming Belt. Noelle's Powerhouse, A Pilates Method is a series created by Noelle, integrating the Pilates method developed by Joseph Pilates. This product teaches the Pilates Method using an uncomplicated, easy-to-follow format, with an uplifting, energetic and motivating feel. Noelle has put together programs of her favorite and most proven and effective exercises that get results. The main focus in the series is on Pilates exercises using the Powerhouse: that is, the muscles that support the spine, the abdominals, lower back, hips and buttocks.


We are so confident about the exceptional quality of Vibrational Slimming Belt that we are offering a fifteen days money back guarantee to our customers i.e if you are not completely satisfied with its performance, then you can simply return it and take back your money less shipping and handling charges. So, place your online order right now on this website or call at our Toll Free Number 0800-12333 and avail a Free Noelle’s Powerhouse, Fifteen Days Money Back Guarantee and above all a Free Home Delivery.

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