USB Vacuum Keyboard Cleaner for PC Laptop Computer


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Directly into the USB interface, you can use, no additional power supply, low noise, low power consumption
Effective removal of the reach between the computer keyboard dust.
In order to focus effectively with a light cleaning.
Adjustable high-end digital design drawing heavy dust.
Can be used as chassis, digital cameras, monitors, main chassis, dust and other IT products.

Instructions for use: -

The USB vacuum cleaner front-end are interchangeable, provided in the annex large and small two suction ports. One of the relatively large diameter, you can draw some larger debris. The other is from the brush and the suction mouth of three relatively small components, easy to brush the edge absorption edge of the keyboard in the dust. When used to connect to the USB port, turn on the switch to be at work.
And is equipped with LED lights in order to draw light microscopic dust. LED lights can be individually opened at the same time, the equivalent of a very small USB light.

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