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Sweat away pounds and shape your body. That weight you want to lose so badly doesn’t come off easily, does it? You’ve struggled with exercise machines. You’ve tried worthless diet pills. You’ve thrown away creams and lotions. But how about good old fashioned sweat? Frankly, it’s really the only thing you can count on day in and day out to get you to the body shape you want. And THAT’S what the Total Sauna promises it will do for you in just 30 minutes a day!
Why? Because with Total Sauna, you sweat and sweat and sweat. You sweat away pounds you don’t like and you don’t need. You’ll lose about one pound the first time you step into the Total Sauna and with continued use of the Total Sauna slimming diet you’ll soon be losing even more from your abs, hips, waist, love handles and your buns and thighs.
Until now, installing a personalized sauna in a home was pretty much reserved only for millionaires.
The Total Sauna is easy to use. It opens automatically in seconds. Just pour water inside the steamer, turn the switch on and within a short time the steam goes to work. You can even pour in drops of your favorite scent for a pleasant aromatherapy session. Then, just sit back and relax away up to 250 calories within a half hour.
And wait until you see how your skin looks and feels. The heat from the Total Sauna opens your pores to help improve the appearance of your skin. What more can you ask for? You will feel relaxed. Your skin will feel softer. And you will look younger and more beautiful.
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  • The fabulous Total Sauna with its one-of-a-kind powerful steamer
  • A handy carrying bag
  • An easy-to-follow slimming diet.

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